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The Premier minister has announced last year, that Greece is in negotiations with international IT-Companies and, to bring them to Athens / Greece mainly. These Companies will and in the beginning, employ people from their own home based company.

This brings me directly, to my thoughts:
1. My plan is, to get in contact with these companies and to offer them my service in regard to; all legal paperwork, Bank-Account, Phone Number, Insurances, Investments, Earning and housing Address and even, showing the expats around Athens so, that they find the way through this gorgeous town.

2. My idea came up, when I first started here as a Call- Center- Agent. The company I was working for, has organized all my legal documents. They even gave me the chance (once) to go and see flats. This was definitely to less as, I could not, find according accommodation in this short time period of only, 2 Weeks. Nobody was here to help me to get a new phone number. This was then, the start of getting fooled of many so-called, pros. They only were interested in my money but not, in a good service. I have been screwed and had to learn, the hard way and, had to realize, that me as a foreigner and for someone, not knowing the Greek mentality, I lost money.
This is the reason for my Business Idea as, I, we, would get this all done for the expats even before, they arrive in Greece.

3. Many weeks now in to building up a business plan, doing some market analyses and, trying to found out, who is doing this already, I came to the conclusion, that we here, me, having a USP - (Unique Selling Proposition) as, I could not find another office that is doing this already. The Market here in Athens, is growing in the next upcoming few years and, there will be many Companies from abroad coming to Greece. The Job-Market is increasing in the next few years and, there is going to be a change in the Market situation of Greece. The question is; am I ready till then?
Swiss Companies like, Intrum, is building on 300 new jobs created here in Greece. Sitel, is planning to open up a huge Call-Center with something over, 1000 new Jobs. The Bank of England, is planning to outsource a department run in the U.K,, to Athens.
Many more will follow to open up their costumer care Center here in Athens. I suspect, that in the next 5 to 10 years, Athens will have over 10'000+ new created jobs.

4. How to create turnover and Income?
We are not going to the End-User. We are going B2B. This means, that we are getting in contact with the Company it-self and, offer our duties directly there, where it all happens. We will take over our responsibilities in order, to organize ever single needed Paperwork in order, to work here in Greece. We even can open up more hubs like, in Thessaloniki, Patras and other big Cities in Greece.

5. I do have a few very astute People in my surrounding. I have a Lawyer, a Teacher, a Person, that has been doing this back in Switzerland and, she would like to come to Greece and get started on this Project. There are some more that would start and, help, in the first few years to get it all settled and done. We could end up by end of this year with somewhere, around 30 Employees and growing.
Me, as a long term experienced Entrepreneur in Finance and Insurances back in Switzerland, have been building up my own Team of 30+ and, they are still all, very successful in that, what they are doing. My knowledge is specially around, Team-Building and, for a long term Employment. My good old friend, the Lawyer, knows everything in and around the Greek an International Law and, Expats as for Visas and so on. For the moment though, I am on my own.

6. Our fast, an uncomplicated method in getting something done and over with. My strength is in particular, in talking with people and getting that, what I have been asking for. A "come back in 1 month" is not that, what we accept and, with my people in the background, we can get something going very fast. I think, that this is our main "Magic". Giving up is never a solution. That is the reason for my not yet registered company "Solution42 Admin International" and, it will be registered once in the U.K and secondly, here in Greece.

Στόχοι Βιώσιμης Ανάπτυξης

1. Συνεργασία για Στόχους

I haven't been able to understand the above figures.
I am very open to work in a team for, achieving the same goal. We can always talk about this

7. Ανανεώσιμη ενέργεια

Yes..If we can do something to solve the Energy problem well, then I have someone in Switzerland knowing everything about Osmoses Products and Green Energy

8. Καλές θέσεις εργασίας και οικονομική ανάπτυξη

In the Centre of Athens with own Parking and fair treatment and Swiss/ English way, how to keep a good and healthy team together. Growing is automatically when the team is happy.

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